Thursday, June 24, 2010

Loads of Fun at Summer Solstice Jam

Per my earlier post, we had a great day of ukulele performances on Monday at Union Square as part of Make Music NY - the Ukulele Mass Appeal. Below are videos of some of my favorite performances:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Strum in the Summer Solstice (June 21) with Make Music NY - Ukulele Mass Appeal

Make Music NY and the NY Ukulele Salon strum in the summer solstice with a four-hour concert and play-along with some of the best performers on the NY uke scene.

Make Music NY celebrates its 4th year with more than 1,000 concerts around the city, along with similar events in hundreds of other cities. The "Mass Appeal" concerts feature lovers of specific instruments, and this year they've asked the NY Ukulele Salon to organize the uke gathering.

We have a great location: Union Square, as part of the Green Market (northeast corner of the park).

The event is a Monday, so it starts at 4pm and continues till dark. Fun for kids of all ages.

Each featured act gets 3 songs, including one for audience participation, so bring your ukes!

Please spread the word via Facebook, email, Twitter, spoken voice, etc.

Here's the lineup of performers:

Rick Bruner
D'yan Forrest
Ken "Bari" Murray
Sarah King
Les Chauds Lapins

Bliss Blood
Dana McCoy
Leslie Chase & David Sands
Jon Braman
Amity Rose

Josh Bisker
Evy Mayer
The Ukemen
Carlos Molina
The Suaverinos

Uncle Zac
No Soap Radio
Roger Greenawalt
Peter Stampfel
The Edukated Fleas
Jamie Scandal

See here for more details about Make Music NY - Mass Appeal.