Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn' by Doctor Uke & Daughters

The Doctor is in; and his lovely daughters are harmonizing assistance.

I'm a huge fan of what they now call Doctor Uke & Daughters; previously known as Pride & Joy & Dad, or, as I think of them, the Rosokoff Family Band.

Jim Rosokoff is indeed a doctor (a dermatologist) and has served the ukulele community valiantly over the years with his site full of instructional materials and uke song arrangements. His daughters Sylvie and Jacqueline are as charming as they are musically talented. Their three voices meld perfectly, and his arrangements are quite snappy. You couldn't ask for much more in a modern day ukulele band.

Not surprisingly, their videos are quite popular among my uploads of various NY uke scene talent. Maybe we'll turn them into the next Zee Avi or Julian Nunez or at least SweetAfton23.

Here is their terrific version of "Bei Mir Bistu Shein" at the March 2010 NY Ukulele Cabaret at P&G Bar last Friday, complete with a verse in the original Yiddish:

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ukulele Cabaret next Friday, March 26, in NEW LOCATION

The Ukulele Cabaret is back again, March 26th, but at a new location, the P&G Bar on the Upper West Side. The Cabaret's former home in the East Village was nice but not big enough for it's overflow crowd. The famous P&G Bar itself recently moved into its new 2,700-square-foot home that features a separate performance space.

The Cabaret's hosts Sonic Uke write:

For those of you who have not experienced the Ukulele Cabaret, you are in for a treat. Leave your expectations at the door. Dozens of ukulele performers will wow you with everything from rock to opera; punk to glam; Hawaiian to Maori; mod to new wave; Beatles to Bach; country to vaudeville; sleazy to sexy; crooners to comedy; folk to metal; experimental to just down right mental.

From seasoned professionals to daring new performers, the Ukulele Cabaret is a breading ground for new and surprising acts.

Here's the line up:

8:00 PM
Lisa Gardner
Roberto Buscarsi
John Raido
Karl Schmitt
Carl Carrara

9:00 PM
Dr. Uke and Daughters
Howie Leifer
Educated Flea
Rick Bruner
Alex Sarmiento

10:00 PM
Jamie Scandal
Reggie Wingnutz
Alan Drogin
Sarah King
Moose Karloff

11:00 PM
Sonic Uke with Sweet Soiubret and Dolan Byrnes
Bedroom Community
The Ukemen
Carmen Borgia
Jason Maniscalco
Hot Time Harv and his Rollercoster of Kicks

P&G Bar
380 Columbus Avenue, at 78th Street

Details: Sonic Uke and Ukulele Cabaret: 646-257-3747

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Videos from Ukulele Mansion

We had another fabulous party at Ukulele Mansion a couple of weeks ago. I didn't do much recording, but I got three nice performances (out of the couple dozen that were featured):