Friday, March 19, 2010

Ukulele Cabaret next Friday, March 26, in NEW LOCATION

The Ukulele Cabaret is back again, March 26th, but at a new location, the P&G Bar on the Upper West Side. The Cabaret's former home in the East Village was nice but not big enough for it's overflow crowd. The famous P&G Bar itself recently moved into its new 2,700-square-foot home that features a separate performance space.

The Cabaret's hosts Sonic Uke write:

For those of you who have not experienced the Ukulele Cabaret, you are in for a treat. Leave your expectations at the door. Dozens of ukulele performers will wow you with everything from rock to opera; punk to glam; Hawaiian to Maori; mod to new wave; Beatles to Bach; country to vaudeville; sleazy to sexy; crooners to comedy; folk to metal; experimental to just down right mental.

From seasoned professionals to daring new performers, the Ukulele Cabaret is a breading ground for new and surprising acts.

Here's the line up:

8:00 PM
Lisa Gardner
Roberto Buscarsi
John Raido
Karl Schmitt
Carl Carrara

9:00 PM
Dr. Uke and Daughters
Howie Leifer
Educated Flea
Rick Bruner
Alex Sarmiento

10:00 PM
Jamie Scandal
Reggie Wingnutz
Alan Drogin
Sarah King
Moose Karloff

11:00 PM
Sonic Uke with Sweet Soiubret and Dolan Byrnes
Bedroom Community
The Ukemen
Carmen Borgia
Jason Maniscalco
Hot Time Harv and his Rollercoster of Kicks

P&G Bar
380 Columbus Avenue, at 78th Street

Details: Sonic Uke and Ukulele Cabaret: 646-257-3747

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