Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome to the NY Ukulele Salon's new site and blog!

Hello World!

This is the umpteenth blog I've created. Can't really remember how many I've started at this point. Probably at minimum 15 or 20 for various projects of my own. Who am I? Rick Bruner, NY Internet entrepreneur, photographer, ukulele fan, and other things.

This is my latest venture, the NY Ukulele Salon. Actually, we've been doing it for more than a year by now, I guess. What is the salon? A local party and performance network of NYC-area uke players. All levels really. Lots of beginners, lots of amazing talents, lots of folks in between, such as myself. I'll blog a list of members later with links to their promo web sites, but let me not at the moment.

Friend organizations include the NY Ukulele Meetup, the Ukulele Cabaret, NY Uke Fest and others.

I just wanted to announce that I'd gotten the domain worked out for to point to this blog. Stay tuned for performance announcements, photos, videos, etc.


  1. Please tell me more! I feel like i'm the only uke player out here in the burbs of L.I. I would gladly hitch up the LIRR for a gig.
    thanx, suzalele

  2. annon, The burbs can be a lonely place!, contact me at