Thursday, February 14, 2013

First UUkulele Strum Circle

Hi. Every other Sunday (more or less), I lead a ukulele strumming group at First Unitarian in Brooklyn. The group are mostly beginners, but more seasoned players are encouraged to come. Everyone is welcome to this group. Although the meetups are held in house of worship, we're just ukulele strummers, so no agenda. I'd love to open this to a broader group of players.

We meet up at 12:15 in the basement of the church, the "Undercroft," during the post-service coffee hour, and then we peel off to some space in the building by 12:30 or so. (If you come late, just ask around for the ukulele group.)

The address is 50 Monroe Pl, Brooklyn, NY. Here's a map.

We're meeting this Sunday, February 17. If you'd like to be on a regular mailing reminder list (as the schedule is a bit changable), email me at rickbruner at gmail.

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